Wellcome to the Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting Guide!!

I'm glad you are visiting us and may you enjoy (and help) this wikia!

What his wikia is for Edit

This wikia is beeing builded to give people information about everything concerning bodybuilding in all areas (cardio, weightlifting, isometrics, etc.) without restriction of payments, uncertain "advertisement-information" or media content (content of a exclusive webpage) and having the greatest image/animations library in the Internet.

About editing articles Edit

You are welcome to edit and write any article related to bodybuilding and related things. Though, any normal user can not' edit any category or page related to the wikia administration. This means that any page, category or related with the inicial name "...:Bodywikia..." or internal templates can't be edited except by the administrators.

I thank you for your cooperation.

Contact Edit

If you need something, please contact me or the others administrators.

Thank you!

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